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News 2022

News 2022

News 2022

Paddla i Flersjön Hyr SUP

Play mini golf!

Miniature golf for the whole family!

Opens for the summer!

12 holes to challenge family or friends on with beautiful views of the Dala mountains.

Outdoor course for women!

This course is aimed at you who want to learn the basics of outdoor life in order to be able to stay in nature in a safe and enjoyable way.

Through both theory and practical exercises, you will, among other things, learn to make up fire from the ground with matches, cooking over an open fire, clean water, what you should always have with you when you go on your adventures and general tips and tricks!

The course is a collaboration between All in Nature Sweden and Stöten Camping , course leader is Silvia Küller . 🤩

2/7 Kl: 9: 00-18: 00 SEK 995 / pers

For more info and registration, click här !

Warm Welcome! ☀️