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Rent a tent for the hike, canoeing or to sleep at the campsite!

We have tents that are easy to set up and to carry for 2, 3 & 4 people.

2 Mannat tents from Sierra Design. Weight 2.1kg
1 Night: 350kr
2 nights: SEK 600
Thereafter +200kr/night

3 men's tents from Vaude
1 Night: 400kr
2 nights: SEK 700
Thereafter +200kr/night

4 men's tents from Sierra Design. Weight 2.7kg
1 Night: 450kr
2 nights: SEK 800
Thereafter +200kr/night

Bookings apply before 11/6 and after 11/9 are booked by mail or telephone!

Contact Us If you have any questions!

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