Transtrand's FVOF

Stöten Camping is located in Transtrand's FVOV, which is a large fishing area with good fishing in both rivers, ponds, lakes and streams!

The waters comprise 6,500 ha of fishing waters distributed over 10 lakes and 190 km of flowing water, which provides good opportunities for alternating fishing. Redel fish is found in most waters. Large trout of up to 2-3 kg, grayling of 1-2 kg and whitefish at 1-3 kg has been caught in the Västerdal River, Görälven and Fulu River. The nature reserve Hälla in the Västerdal River, parts of the Fulu River and the Göre River are counted as one of the foremost fly fishing waters in Sweden.

In lakes, trout and rainbow forerelles have been caught between 5-7 kg.

Ersbo 150 sec
DAY CARD 120 sec

Weekly card 360 sec
Annual card 600 SEK
Maps 50 sec 

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Welcome to call for fresh information, tel. 070-318 50 11.

 Fishing area