Rubber canoe in any lake!

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Freedom to paddle where you want in an easy way!

Imagine being able to paddle on your favorite lake in Sälenfjällen!
Rent an inflatable rubber cane, pack it and the lunch bag in the car and go out on a nice day on the water!
We offer 2 variants and of course includes pump, life jackets, paddles and tips on lakes if desired!

1) Gumotex Seawave is a stable Canadian with adjustable seats for 1-3 people! Load capacity 250kg.

2) Gumotex Swing is a nice and stable inflatable kayak for 1 person! It has low weight and small pack size. Load capacity 120 kg

Picked up from 11.00 and will be returned no later than 10.00 the day after. Remember to clean the canoe after you and dry it, fungus and cloth are included.

Seawave canoe for 1-3 people:
1 day SEK 600
2 days SEK 1100
3 days and upwards of SEK 400/day.

Swing kayak 1 person:
1 day SEK 500
2 days 900kr
3 days and upwards of 300 SEK/day.

Bookings apply before 11/6 and after 11/9 are booked by mail or telephone!

Contact Us If you are unsure of the best solution for you or if your desired tour is fully booked, sometimes we can solve it! 🛶