Rent a canoe on your holiday in Sälen!

Slide forward on the water & enjoy the silence in beautiful Sälenfjällen & Norway!

Choose the canoe type and the turn that suits you best, we have something for everyone!

Paddle on the river in the seal

Which paddlers are you? 🤔

Paddling co -currents on Görälven!

With us there are canoe tours on everything from 1.5h (see half -day trip) to multi -day trips with overnight stays in tents or sleeping pond. On these tours you paddle co -currents on the beautiful Görälven, you prefer to paddle in the lake so we have several options for that too!
Read about our different canoe trips to find what suits you best!

 🛶  Choose from canoe types:

  • Canadian For 2-4 people, max 300kg
  • One -man kayak, appropriate with previous canoeing habit
  • Two -man kayak (K2), suitable with previous canoeing experience

🇸🇪 🇳🇴  Choose Stretch:

  1. Half day trip from the campsite to Kungsleden.
    Nice luck that is the families of children's families!
    You paddle co-currents in mixed calm and flowing water, the canoeing takes 1-1.5h and you will find several nice places to stop and enjoy the fig, fishing or a refreshing bath!

  2. Full -day trip from the faksen or the loss to the campsite
    This trip starts in Norway and offers mixed calm water and some rapids!
    Most of the rapids are small and at the larger rapids there is the opportunity to go ashore and pull the canoes on the path that lead you past the rapids.
    If you choose to start from the fakes you have about 3-4h paddling and if you choose Ljordalen it is about 5-6h paddling back to the campsite

  3. 2 day trip from Ljordsalen with overnight stay at the farthest river
    Stop the farthest river and camp for the night! 🏕
    On this trip you have plenty of time to enjoy nature and calm!
    Bring good food and provide you with fish cards & fishing equipment or why not play cards at the campfire? 🔥
    Tents, sleeping pond, camping kitchens etc. are available for rent.

 Read more about all the canoe trips at the bottom of the page! 

Would you rather paddle in the lake?

We also rent out canoes in Flersjön and if you want to discover more lakes, we have inflatable rubber canoes and inflatable SUPs that you can easily pack in your own car and head to one of the nice lakes in the area !!

Practical info when you paddle with us:

- Transportation is included for 1 person / company for the trip to Kungsleden, the place must must be reserved when you make your booking.

- For the canoe trips from Ljördalen and Faksen ,
transport is 
included in the price for the hole group but you need to reserve your places when you make your booking.

- Please enter the weight of all under 40kg in the box "special requests" to reserve child life jackets!

- People over 40kg get life jackets automatically. NOTE! Life jacket is mandatory!

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* Bookings valid before 11/6 and after 11/9 are booked via email or phone!

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