Rent MTB bike at Sälen's best prices!

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Cycle MTB in Sälenfjällen!

Discover paths, joints & roads with bicycles from KTM!

INCollaboration with the bicycle rental in Tandådalen (Hemköp Tandådalen) we rent out MTB bikes at Sälen's best prices!

We are happy to give you tips on where you can cycle, eg exciting paths in the shock or excellent MTB trails in Rörbäcksnäs which are counted as some of the best in Sweden!

The bikes are rented out a day, taken from. 11.00 and will be returned no later than 10.00.

Returned cleaned, laundry is outside the reception.


                 Jr                  Adult
1 day 150 kr 300 kr
2 days 250 kr 550 kr
3 days 350 kr 750 kr
4 days 400 kr 900 kr
5 days 450 kr 1050 kr
6 days SEK 500 1200 kr
1 week 550 kr 1350 kr

Bookings apply before 11/6 and after 11/9 are booked by mail or telephone!

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