2 days canoe trip

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2 days paddling trip in Norway & Sweden!

Experience the mountain world and beautiful Görälven on a canoe adventure in 2 countries!

Rent the canoe and paddle the beautiful stretch between Ljördalen in Norway back to the campsite. The entire route takes about 5-6h to paddle and there are several strawberries along the river to camp on! Ask us for tips! 🏕

We gather at 10:00 at the campsite for review etc. and transport to Ljördalen in Norway which are starting places for the canoeing. You then paddle back to the campsite & enjoy the tranquility and nature!

The tour contains mixed quiet water & rapids, one of which is larger. It is excellent and you can easily go ashore and pass the rapids on foot in the forest, this we recommend in some cases depending on the water level and canoeing.

Choose from canoe types:

  • Canadians: Suitable for a maximum of 2 adults & 2 smaller children.

  • Kayak: 1 person. Good with previous canoeing.

  • K2: Two -man kayak. Good with previous canoeing.

Price: 1600:-/canoe

Here's how to book:

  1. Choose canoe type
  2. Select Date
  3. Click start time
  4. Enter the number of canoes
  5. Under Products & Experiences you can add more canoe types etc.
  6. During Optional you book transport sites And possibly Optional.

Transport to the starting point is included on condition that you have booked a place under optional!

Recommended minimum age for active paddling 12 years

Do you want to be out for several days?

With us you have the opportunity to paddle longer trips with overnight stays in tents or hammock in cozy places!

We tailor the trip to your wishes for length, renting tents etc! Contact us for more information and booking longer tours.

3 day trip 2400kr/canoe
Rent tents from 350kr/night
Rent Hammock 250kr/Night


Bookings apply before 11/6 and after 11/9 are booked by mail or telephone!


Contact Us If you are unsure of the best solution for you or if your desired tour is fully booked, sometimes we can solve it! 🛶