Canoe trip half -day campsite - Kungsleden

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Enjoy a nice canoe trip on the beautiful Göre River!

Slide with the stream on the fine Görälven & enjoy the silence!

The tour starts at the campsite and after about 1-1.5h paddling you are at your goal, Kungsleden.

You start between 9: 00-10: 00 respectively. 13: 00-14: 00 depending on how much time you want for stop and have a snack, swim or fish!

⚠️ Transport back from Kungsleden 12.00 resp. 16:00 for1PERS/SOCK*
which fetches the rest of the company with their own car.
(* 1 person/car If you are a larger company with multiple cars)

Reserve your place back under optional when you book your luck. (Included in the price but must be booked 😅) ⚠️

Please be in good time & respect the start/pick -up time so as not to cause delays for other canoeists.

Choose from canoe types:

  • Canadians: Suitable for a maximum of 2 adults & 2 smaller children.

  • Kayak: 1 person. Good with previous canoeing.

  • K2: Two -man kayak. Good with previous canoeing.



Here's how to book:

  1. Choose canoe type
  2. Choose the number of canoes & dates
  3. Choose start time
  4. Under Products & Experiences you can add more canoe types etc.
  5. During Optional you book Transport Back And possibly Optional.

Enter weight on everyone under 40kg to reserve child life jackets! People over 40kg receive life jackets automatically.

Recommended minimum age for active paddling 12 years


Contact Us If you are unsure of the best solution for you or if your desired tour is fully booked, sometimes we can solve it! 🛶