Rent a canoe

Paddle up in Sälenfjällen's fabulous nature, an adventure for the whole family!

Sälenfjällen is not just skiing, mountain hiking and cycling.
With us you can discover Sälen's magnificent nature even while sliding on water!
We at Stöten Camping have several different canoes and kayaks that you can rent and paddle out directly from our campsite. Or you have found your own strawberry spot further away, so you rent one of our inflatable canoes or supers and give you off. Don't forget to book a coffee bag at our reception, because what would be a ride without coffee?

Paddle on the river in the seal

Which paddlers are you?

The first -time paddle
We have canoeing options that suit the family with a little smaller children, or you who just want to slip out calmly and quietly with a focus on the nature experience.

You paddle in stable rubber canots on a quiet lake and enjoy the surroundings.

Curious family
Paddle in a so-called Canadian, a canoe that takes 2-4 people,
And make it to beautiful rivers along the stream.

The adventure paddle
Cut the water line into a kayak where you yourself control the journey on either river or lake.

This option is suitable for those who have previous paddle habits.


Where do you want to paddle?

  • 1/2 day trip along Görälven (1.5 h canoeing)More info

  • Paddling in Norway, on the river or lake. More info

  • Paddle and overnight along the riverMore info

  • Rent inflatable canoes or SUP boards and discover the area's lakes yourself. More info



Practical info when you paddle with us:

  • The recommended minimum age for active paddling is 12 years.

  • In case of online booking: Please enter weight on all under 40kg in the "special requests" box to reserve children's life jackets!
    People over 40kg receive life jackets automatically. Note!Life jacket is mandatory!

  • We have tents and hammocks etc. to rent if you want to spend the night along the river.

  • Don't forget to book a tasty coffee bag to bring on the tour!